Holder and Obama Ideologies Allow Enemy Combatant to Plea Bargain For Light Sentencing.

Thanks to Obama and his administration, which continues NOT to recognize terrorists acts against the American people as done by enemy combatants, but only as civilian criminals.

Thus allowing this al-Qaeda trained fanatic jihadist radical Muslim extremist caught red handed by a Dutch tourist to plead innocent, because Holder and Obama insisted on giving a non-American citizen his Miranda rights so this enemy combatant can make a deal for a light sentence as a civil criminal.

With continued attacks, seemingly at will by fanatical jihad radical extremists Islamist Muslims against innocent American and other world citizens, what is taking Americas Commander in Chief, so long in asking the Senate and House, which his party controls, for a Declaration of War.

Enemy combatants or al-Qaeda trained fanatic jihadist radical Muslim extremists are not legitimate civil criminals, they are enemy combatants.

Obama’s catastrophic failure to acknowledge that America and the world is at war, remains Obama’s “responsibility to find out why and to correct that failure” by first arresting these enemy combatants, not giving them their nonexistent Miranda rights.

It’s attorney general Erick Holder, supported by Obama and the democrats that are attempting to legitimize them as civil criminals by giving these enemy combatants Miranda rights and stopping all interrogation of them by lawyers paid for out of public funds which now permits such plea bargaining by our enemy combatants.

His picking and choosing suspected individuals for isolated alleged acts of man-made disasters by these terrorists on his watch or others, is purely for his partisan political civil show trials.

As Commander in Chief, instead of playing golf for four days, should have immediately informed the American people and the world that all attempted acts of terrorism, henceforth will be considered as an attempted and continuing act of war by enemy combatants who all will be immediately turned over to the United States Military Police, for detention, interrogations, imprisonment and trials under USA laws for Military tribunals and will henceforth keep all enemy combatants detained at Guantanamo bay as POWS until all hostilities cease.