Transparency, Politicians, Change and Hope

During the election campaign in 2008, the core ingredient of Obama’s speeches of hope and change that all could believe in, perhaps was his and the party’s promise of openness and transparency for Americans.

With close to one year under this new direction, have we at all seen such openness or transparency by Obama and this administration? I believe not.  It appears to have been a cynical yet successful attempt by Obama and his democrats to hoodwink the voters in securing votes for their party. Perhaps I will be proved wrong these next three years but we will all have to wait and see. 

That brings us to one reality about the yet unpublicized debates about the structural fundamental change, not reform of health care in America, which were openly and continually promised during the election.

The non debates of health care reform turned into a partisan power grab unprecedented in the history of America by a government for the government. Nothing at all to do, with reducing health care costs or solving the unsustainable current Medicare or Medicaid government assisted programs.

The republicans as opposition members, where purposely fully and totally excluded by the process of designing legislation in the middle of the night and behind closed doors. A process which has not been out in the open and fully transparent or inclusiveness of ideas from both political parties and televised on C Span and be screaming across the Internet for ALL Americans to witness.

The behind closed doors and middle of the night deals and votes of our elected representatives, was NOT what was PROMISED by Obama and the democrat party. What we did get, has proven to be just another LIE to secure votes by attempts at hoodwinking the American public, NO honest legislature would or should be part of such a farce and sham.

However even with such scandalous behavior by the President, his administration and democrat Senators and House members, the republicans did make suggestion and amendments, which of course where not even considered by these unethical and immoral bunch of self serving politicians from both parties who sold their soles for pieces of silver being offered for their votes. My humble opinion is that most of them, republicans and democrats alike, have been at the public trough for far too long. 

Obama, his administration and the democrats and a few republicans have clearly shown all Americans that our politicians will say and do anything legal or illegal without any regard for their own integrity, morals or respect or even that of the American people who elected them, when asking and seeking votes for power behind closed door midnight meetings.

Hopefully, come 2010 and 2012 they all will get their individual and overdue pink slips and be ceremoniously unelected back to office by the American people once and for all. No more of their attempts at hoodwinking the voters.