Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Bush and Political Party's

Politically the repeal approach to any program is just one powerful talking point for the midterms, which should be used by all candidates seeking the voters support for upcoming elections.

Another, is  the illegal act by the white house  E-Mail-Gate (snitch e-mails and a “reality check” section on the White House Web site), one of the biggest stories since Nixon’s Watergate and news media like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc. with their pro and biased Obama reporting were nowhere to be heard!

A further one is about Obama and his administrations Catastrophic Failure, in dealing with jihadist radical Muslim fanatic extremist as enemy combatants.

Obama and his administration have shown that they prefer to play politics with America’s national security by picking and choosing criminal show trials, for our worst enemy combatants.

This administration has NOT been consistent, when it comes many of Obama’s election promises to Americans. One of the most disturbing if his failure to ensure Americans and the world, that all attempted criminal acts of terrorism by jihadist radical Islamist or Muslims extremists’ fanatics, will be considered by the United States as an attempted and continuing act of war by enemy combatants who all will be immediately turned over to the United States Military Police, for detention, interrogation, imprisonment and Military tribunals in compliance with USA military laws and the Geneva Convention.

Perhaps the most long lasting and devastating one is this administrations reckless and outrageous unabated spending habits of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid government by Tripling the US deficit in under ONE year!  Combine this with another record high for the National Debt which has topped $12 TRILLION Dollars under this administration.

To be far, while our Nation Debt has increased close to $2 Trillion on Obama’s watch, is still less than the over $4 Trillion run up by George Walker Bush and his administration over 8 years.

However one  fact remains, that our current arrogant, self serving, lame brain politicians from both parties, Republican or Democrat, have forgotten who they represent and all of them seem to take their marching voting orders by  political party leaders and special interest groups, unions and paid lobbyists but NOT the American people.

Maybe, it is time to review the relevance of having political parties, in the hands of paid lobbyist, special interest groups and unions, whose sole interest in life is getting themselves reelected to stay in power at the direct expense of the American people.