Obama’s Catastrophic Failures

During his election campaign for President, after less than 2 years as a junior legislator and previous union organizer, Obama stated that some issues where above his pay scale and yet 30% of all eligible and registered voters elected him.

Since being elected, his administration has nationalized banks, car companies and introduced wage controls, not on government employees, but on private corporations.

One of the biggest stories since the Nixon Watergate was not even covered by news media outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN etc. because of their pro and biased Obama reporting.

Laws that the President was sworn to uphold, the privacy act of 1974, The Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988 and first amendment rights under the constitution, were  broken by the illegal act of gathering and soliciting emails by the white house (snitch e-mails and a “reality check” section on the White House Web site).

Obama’s Catastrophic Failure to acknowledge that America and the world is at war with radical Muslim jihadist Islamist, is now his further failure. Instead of all his hype rhetoric, of hope and change, he failed to honestly and effectively deal by referring to this latest terrorists act as done by a criminal suspect who allegedly tried to ignite an explosive device on his body.

Barack Hussein Obama, must openly declare that any and all attempted criminal acts of terrorism by jihadist radical Islamist or Muslims extremists’ fanatics henceforth will be considered by the United States as an attempted and continuing act of war by enemy combatants who all will be immediately turned over to the United States Military Police, under the Geneva Convention, for detention, interrogation, imprisonment and Military tribunals.

Until this happens, President Obama is not upholding his oath of office and is in contempt of that oath and of all law abiding people.