Catastrophic Failure by Obama and His Administration, Not Bush.

This President of the USA seems to be America’s commander and chief in name only.

Until this administration, under Obama’s leadership, lives up to the oath of office they all took and honestly deal with such acts of terrorism by first by declaring that this latest act against innocent civilians was NOT an alleged criminal act by a suspected fanatical individual, as Obama called him on Monday, but rather a continuing attempted act of war by a radical Muslim jihad Islam-ism enemy combatant?

Secondly instead of all his hype rhetoric, of hope and change, start honestly and effectively dealing with such situations as Commander and Chief by declaring that this radical Muslim fanatic extremist is an enemy combatant.

Thirdly as a Commander and Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, must openly declare that any and all attempted criminal acts of terrorism, henceforth will be considered by the United States as an attempted and continuing act of war by enemy combatants who will be treated as such under Military Tribunals.

Finally all such jihad Islam-ism by radical Muslims or extremists’ fanatics shall be immediately turned over to the United States Military authorities for military detention, questioning, and trials as enemy combatants under the Geneva Convention.

Until this happens, President Obama is not upholding his oath of office and as such is in contempt of that oath, the American people along with all law abiding citizens around the world.