Health Care Reform = New Social Conflict between Law Abiding Taxpayers and Treasonous Governments?

This health care reform bill is nothing more than a power grab and a government’s structure, for the beginning of the fundamental change from our present free market and capitalist system to one of a fascist socialist form of big government, by the government for the people.

A power grab being constructed in the middle of darkness, behind closed doors and private deals and payoffs being directed from a corrupt Chicago gang of political insiders and unelected czars from within the white house itself.

It contains clauses which are clearly unconstitutional and contrary to the very oath of office these politicians from all parties and independents alike took and swore to uphold.  Not in a free country and nor in the peoples constitution does it give government the right to force or demand citizens to buy healthcare or any other service that the government deems appropriate, or be jailed for failure to do so!

Our Senators, Congress members all are governing like diminutive Kings and Queens, which they are not. If Senator Joe Lieberman, a Jews independent member of Congress sitting with the democrats, succumbs to personal threats that have already been made against his wife and himself and does not continue to uphold the wishes of the majority of the people, which presently stand s at 61% against this structural reform of Americas heath care system, Joe will become a member of the gang of sixty.

History will record this gang of sixty Senators as the treasonous bunch of politicians who themselves succumbed to blindly following the orders of paid political  special interest groups, unions and lobbyists  indirect opposition to the voters and a violation to the constitution they all have sworn to uphold, but apparently have not read.

Any final passage of this structural reform health care bill will be the end of the start of this administrations illegal and unconstitutional attempt, to fundamental change and circumcise and castrate the Constitution of the United States of America. God help them all.