A Non Computer Model But Factual Analysis Of C02 And Global Warming

The public now knows for certain through a new scientific measurement that the effects of C02 and all greenhouse gases on temperature globally, is less than 1/6th of what the UN says it is! A new paper published just last month by Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT, with his formidable authority behind it and because he did it by straight forward measurement of the comparison between changes in surface temperature and changes in outgoing radiation, hopefully this should be the one scientific analysis that brings this scare finally to an end.

What is actually happening is that nearly all of it is getting out into space just as before. So the warming effect of C02 over the whole of the next 100 years or more is going to be far below 2 Fahrenheit degrees and it might even be only 1 Fahrenheit degrees. So, know that there is a known actual scientific measurement result, all the previous UN reports are out of date and were further based on computer models and computer models are another word for guesswork and their guesses were wildly implausible.

So, because the facts have changed and there is now a scientific measured result, there should be no argument with it and to date no one has dared to argue with this paper and his scientific analysis, which is not a computer model, by Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT. Why and why has the media not been reporting on this non global warming scientific study????