Obama, Politics of MOP

These proposed health care bills, are not about reform at all! They all, are about a political party`s power grab for big brother government and nothing more!


Obama`s record is one of holding out a MOP- More of Politics, AS USUAL!

Americans can be fooled once, but not twice!

The people do not want progressive democrats or progressive republicans and they just found out that the last election was not about Bush, but Socialism (Democrats) or Capitalism (Republicans).

Progressives are not Republicans or Democrats; they are for socialized communism through government control of the economy at the direct expense of the American people and the free enterprise system.

Socialism and communism both require strong government support to survive, through high taxes on individuals and corporations. Both despise the free enterprise system. Both pretend to be something (progressives) other than they are (socialized communism). Both require ever increasing and strong control over the general population by taking away and limiting peoples individual rights of choice and freedoms…

“Unlimited power controls the corruption and minds of those who influence it. “ Peter Clarke 2009.