Urge Schwarzenegger to veto this!

The California legislature has passed a bill which only needs the governor’s signature to become law. This bill, AB 2567, seeks to create an officially recognized celebration in California schools of “Harvey Milk Day”, on May 22 each year.

Wikipedia describes Milk as “an American politician who was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in the United States”. He was a fierce advocate for homosexual rights who often used highly controversial tactics to advance his cause.

Whether or not you agree with the issues that Milk was fighting for, it is clear that the primary reason that this legislation is being passed is for purposes of social engineering. The entire purpose of this bill, despite the denials of its originators, is to teach school children to accept the LGBT lifestyle as normal. Agree with it or not, this kind of teaching does not belong in our public schools and amounts to nothing more nor less than indoctrination in one particular philosophical viewpoint.

More information about this issue and the text of the bill itself are available here:


Please call and urge Gov. Schwarzenegger to veto this bill!

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