California Is Infringing On Our Voting Rights

Apparently, California wants to infringe on our voting rights and pass a bill that would effectively limit our choices for elective office, and violate the rights we have in electing members of our government.

The California State Senate will vote on Bill AB 1413 on September, 8. The bill would abolish the write-in space on all general election ballots, and deny Californians their right to write-in a candidate.

This bill would infringe on our voting rights to vote for any candidate who we want to if we don’t want to vote for one who is on the ballot, and the bill also takes away the rights of a candidate who wants to declare that he/she is a write-in candidate.

This bill will take away voting rights that all voters deserve to have. I recently voted for a write-in candidate in my area, and he got nominated. That shows that the write-in system does work and is good to keep for the Americans.

Last year, Lisa Murkowski won as a write-in in Alaska in the Senate election, which shows that the write-in process works. She spread her message that she was a write-in candidate, and enough people wrote her name in that she was elected; IN THE GENERAL ELECTION!

Five states currently ban write-in space on general election ballots: Oklahoma, South Dakota, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Nevada. Those states already infringe on our voting rights, and if California takes away the right to vote for a write-in from their citizens, that means 36 million people more will not be allowed to write-in in the general election.

Please hope this bill will be defeated. This bill infringes on ordinary Americans voting rights, and takes away the voices of candidates wishing to declare as write-ins, and people wishing to vote for a write-in.

If you have ever cast a vote for a write-in, please comment below.

(Credit to Ballot Access News for the info.)