Apparently, 13 Texans Are Running For President PART 2


Jared Blankenship, a former teacher from Hereford running as a Republican, has been campaigning around Iowa for a while now and has been running an under-the-radar campaign.

He says the belief that Americans still have in the political system rejuvenated his campaign. (He was campaigning in Osceola, Iowa when he said this).

He is facing an uphill battle to try and receive votes in next week’s Ames Straw Poll. But, he met an elderly man while at lunch one time, and the old man said that he would cover all costs for Blankenship supporters to travel to the Ames Straw Poll.

This reminded Jared the grassroots movements can affect the party establishment.

“I was overwhelmed that there are still people in this nation that want to believe in something and are willing to back it up,” he said.

He has traveled over 1000 miles campaigning in Iowa, and has talked with small business owners in Texas. He says he has found many Republicans who are don’t feel at home with a GOP dominated by social conservatives rather than “small business ideals.”

“Most of our supporters are Republicans who feel that their party has run off and left them,” he said.

Vernon Edgar Wuensche, running his second presidential campaign, is someone who really doesn’t want to be president, but, is running because he believes the government has forgotten its purposes.

“I’m running because I want to improve the governance of the country. I’m a business owner, and my frustration is that there are no business practices in Washington,” he said. “These people are just seeking power.”

Wuensche, from Houston, is trying to focus on New Hampshire, Florida, and Nevada, and also says his largest problem is his lack of funding. His big supporters don’t want to donate to him until he shows that he can be a serious candidate on the campaign trail.

Other candidates from Texas that are running include U.S. Rep. from Texas’s 14 district Ron Paul (R), Gabriel Alexander Jimenez (R) from El Paso, John Hoelzel Jr. (I) from Ivanhoe, Timothy Terrell Day (R) from Galveston, Joseph Charles (I) from the Houston area, Scott Andrew Cain (I) from Garland, and Harold C. Heard Jr. (R) of Frisco. Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) looks like he will be the fourteenth Texan to get in.

None are likely to win the nomination (except Perry), but, they will try and make an impact on the primaries, the general election, and our political system overall.

(Credit to the Houston Chronicle for the info.)