Lawmakers Think They Can Control Anything

The University of Tennessee’s bookstore has pulled packages of breath mints off of their shelves after a state legislator complained.

On the box is a picture of President Obama and labeled “dissapoint-mints.” Democratic state rep. Joe Armstrong visited the store and told the manager that he thought the mints were “offensive.” Apparently, he thinks he has all of the power.

Armstrong told The Knoxville News Sentinel that the University of Tennessee uses both federal and state funds and should be sensitive to what he called “politically specific products.” Apparently, we can’t have our freedom of speech and can’t have “politically specific products.”

He also said that he went to the bookstore after a UT student complained to him about the mints. He thinks a little Democratic college student can complain to the University so that Obama will have a better chance of winning re-election by having these mints pulled off of the shelves. How stupid is that.

Here’s somethin’ else: Bookstore director David Kent said the bookstore previously carried mints that satirized former President George W. Bush and said no offense was intended. I wonder if those mints were pulled? (Probably not.)

(Credit to Newsmax for the info.)