Florida City Eliminates Entire Police Department

Here’s a possible example of corruption in one of our nation’s police departments. The city of Oak Hill, Florida, has eliminated its entire police department last night.

The police chief and some other officers were accused of illegal and other weird behavior while on police duty. The city council was so mad that they just eliminated the entire police department. That’s corruption.

The mayor had called a special session Monday night, and started off by bashing the police chief and terminating her contract. The board, in a public meeting with citizens in the room, talked about it more and decided to dump the entire department. The citizens were shocked as officers handed in their guns and equipment.

Officer Manny Perez says that the past year working at the police department had been awful. “One of the first things they tell you is this is a thankless job and today that really hits home.”

He was accused by town citizens of stealing gas earlier this year, and he was suspended from the police department. An eventual investigation found no evidence of illegal activity. He was back on patrol last month.

Both sides admitted there’s been trouble brewing between city hall and the police department for many years now.

Just last week, the mayor says somebody planted pot plants in her yard. The police chief climbed a ladder and took a picture of it over the fence, which angered the mayor.

It was investigated and it was determined the plants were not the mayor’s. It seems like everything in this town has to be “investigated.”

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office will handle all calls in Oak Hill, and the mayor says it will cost the same amount to have the sheriff’s office cover the area 24-7 as it does to have a city police department.

That shows that there is corruption all around our country. Even the area’s finest are getting into the corruption. This also shows that jobs are being lost, and this corruption is causing more onto the unemployment line.

(Credit to My Fox Orlando for the info.)