Tomorrow Is The Mississippi Primary

The Mississippi primary is tomorrow. The primaries will be held for all statewide elected offices (excluding Senators), the state legislature, and other offices, with the most prominent being the gubernatorial primary to replace term-limited governor Haley Barbour (R), who pondered running for president earlier in the year, but, eventually decided against it.

The candidates for the Republican nomination are:

James Broadwater

Lieutentant Governor Phil Bryant

Businessman Dave Dennis (tea-party backed)

Pearl River Supervisor Hudson Holliday

Ron Williams

Look up their campaign websites to support one of them, and all of the other Republican candidates for statewide office, the state legislature, and other offices around Mississippi. Go to thegreenpapers.com or politics1.com as they have great candidate lists and links to each candidate’s website.

BTW-The gubernatorial nominee for the Democrats has no chance in this increasingly Republican state. The likely Democratic nominee is Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree, although Bill Luckett is a credible challenger.

(Credit to TheGreenPapers and Politics1 for their candidate list.)