Pataki Mulls Presidential Run

Former New York Governor George Pataki is mulling a presidential run, and is a few weeks from deciding on whether or not to run for the presidency. He has visited the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, and he himself has said he is considering a run.

He will visit New Hampshire on Thursday to have a discussion with leaders from around the area at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College to talk about the debt ceiling, the debt limit, and the debt crisis.

Pataki will also meet with former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, who is also the former NH GOP Chairman. This will be Pataki’s third visit to the early primary state in the past two months.

Last week, he was in Iowa talking with local activists, legislators, and businessmen. He also delivered a lecture on the debt ceiling. He has talked about how having a balanced budget will help us avoid a debt crisis, and also to cut spending rather than raise taxes.

Pataki has convinced some people he will run, including Vicki Stodgill of Iowa. She says he sounds like he will run, and will likely enter after the Iowa Straw Poll, when it is likely that a couple of candidates will withdraw from the race basedon their results in the straw poll.

Pataki has stated in the past that there is a hole in the field because Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels decided not to enter the race, and that he is a candidate who can fill that hole. I believe that Pataki will try for a longshot bid at the presidency.

Pataki served three terms as Governor of New York from 1995-2006, and currently is the chairman of the group No American Debt, which is a group that raises awareness of our nation’s debt. Pataki is a moderate, but, not as moderate as Giuliani, and he could fill Daniels’ hole that he left by not entering the field.

Pataki initially considered a run back in April, and in May, decided not to run. When Daniels announced his decision not to run, Pataki decided to re-consider entering the field, like Texas Governor Rick Perry. Pataki may provide some interesting insight if he enters the race. The debt crisis will be an important issue during the campaign, and he may be the top candidate voters may look for when it comes to fixing the nation’s debt, since he runs this group.

(Credit to Newsmax, The Boston Globe, and Missouri News Horizon for the imfo.)

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