A Violation Of Our Second Amendment Rights And A New Tax

A Baltimore Mayoral candidate has decided to introduce a new tax to the voters of Baltimore: a “bullet tax.” According to Baltimore Mayoral candidate and former planning director of the city Otis Rolley, he would propose (if elected) a new $1-per-bullet tax on all bullets sold within the city. He says this will help decrease crime and increase the cost to commit a crime. He just wants to add more taxes on top of the taxes they already have.

If you want to introduce a tax on bullets, why don’t you just introduce a (temporary) city-wide sales tax so that anything sold within the city has a small tax on it,including bullets. That would help increase revenue for the city. I don’t support a sales tax because of all the other taxes, but, it’s smarter than a $1-per-bullet idea. A $1-per-bullet tax would probably cost more than one bullet.

Rolley also wants to increase recruitment standards and training for the Baltimore City Police Department. This guy wants to spend money on recruitment standards and more training for the city police department in an already cash-stapped city. If he was smart, he could use the money for this proposed idea to help the city’s education system or not even spend the money at all. That would help cut spending in the city (that would be a role-model for our federal government).

He also wants to reduce the number of vacant properties (more government intervention). The number of vacant properties in a city should be handled and filled by the private sector and people shouldn’t be driven into homes by the government. They should live where they want to in homes they can afford privately without the government’s help.

“It is unacceptable that too many of us feel unsafe in own city, own neighborhoods, even in our own homes,” he said. Well, if you feel unsafe in your own home, why don’t you buy a gun and some bullets for self-defense, which is what the 2nd Amendment lets us do. If someone wants to buy some bullets for self-defense, they will have to pay $1 extra per bullet to get it. That will not help some people. He just wants to have more government control.

He also says that this measure will “decrease random firings during the holiday season.” Stay in your home during the holiday season if you feel unsafe in your city. That could help decrease random firings. Keep a gun for self-defense. He also says that “increasing the cost of guns doesn’t work” and that “some people can just borrow guns or even rent them in some areas.” So, instituting a $1-per-bullet tax will help? People can “borrow” bullets (they can’t rent them), too. This tax is ridiculous and anyone can get by this tax. This tax will also hurt gun store owners and their stores because nobody will want to buy bullets because of the city government instituted tax. This tax is a lose-lose situation for everyone…..except the government! More control for the government!

The primary for the mayoral election will be in September. If you live in Baltimore, don’t vote for this guy. He’ll just increase government intervention and hurt small businesses.

(Credit to NBC Baltimore for the information.)

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