Is the next Rand Paul in North Carolina?

Karl Rove made some news over the weekend when he said the GOP needed more Rand Paul’s instead of more Christine O’Donnell’s. Sincere or not, Karl Rove is absolutely correct. Candidates that are for Constitutional government and package together conservative and libertarian values are the future of a successful Republican party. These candidates must be articulate in their message and principled to back up their rhetoric. Senator Rand Paul is the best example of this. Senator’s Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are others that fit this description.

It is encouraging to see other candidates arise in that mold. In North Carolina, there is one. His name is Dr. Greg Brannon, OB-GYN. A strong Christian, devoted husband of 25 years, and father of 7, he has run his own medical practice since 1993 and has delivered over 9,000 babies. Brannon is a popular speaker to Tea Parties throughout North Carolina, and from that alone his name recognition earned him 5% in the latest PPP poll. In 2009, Greg created Founder’s Truth, a website dedicated to spreading the message that the Founding Father’s believed in and fought for.

You can find Dr. Brannon’s stances on the issues on his excellent website, HERE.

Here is Dr. Brannon’s video message on his run for Senate:

How is Brannon like Paul? They are both medical doctors, they are both active within the Tea Party movement, they are both devoted Christian family men, and they are both articulate speakers.

North Carolina will most likely be a safe pickup for Republicans in 2014. Kay Hagan won on the unpopularity of Elizabeth Dole and the popularity of Barack Obama, and in a trending red state she has neither of those things going for her. 2014 will be a down year for Democrats because many of their voters do not show up and vote in non Presidential elections, particularly the minority vote which is a large part of the electorate in the state. There is no need to settle for an uninspiring establishment figure; they helped get us into this mess in the first place.

A grassroots candidate is needed, and that is Dr. Greg Brannon.