The person to replace Saxby Chambliss

(I have no affiliation with any campaign or political organization pertaining to the 2014 Georgia Senate Race)

I believe Erick Erickson has gone into great detail explaining the faults of the senior Senator of Georgia, Saxby Chambliss. Not only is he a big spender and weak on taxes, he is not a man dedicated to voting based on the Constitutional authority of bills.

It is clear he needs to be replaced. Voting indexes aren’t perfect, and not all are even good. But there are some excellent one’s that I believe are excellent on measuring conservatism and Constitutionalism. Here are Saxby’s ratings:

FreedomWorks Scorecard: 75%

*Emphasis on overall conservatism

Club for Growth Scorecard:  76%

*Emphasis on fiscal and economic matters

John Birch Society Voting Index: 69%

*Emphasis on Constitutional issues

For comparison, Richard Lugar of Indiana, who was primaried successfully, got ratings of 63%, 80%, and 58% respectively. Another comparison, conservative stalwart Jim DeMint received ratings of 98%, 100%, and 85% respectively. Saxby Chambliss is more closely aligned with Richard Lugar than he is Jim DeMint. In reality, Chambliss is basically a clone of Lindsey Graham, who received ratings of 81%, 72%, and 73% respectively.

The latest PPP poll revealed some numbers that should make Chambliss shift in his seat. It showed that only 38% of Georgia Republican primary voters want him to be their nominee. Now, the rest of the numbers in the poll are useless when polling Chambliss vs. an opponent, because there has been zero campaigning. But there is a demand for a challenger.

There have been several names of potential challengers tossed around so far. Among those are Congressman Tom Price, and former Secretary of State Karen Handel. Both of those people are great conservatives, but neither of them are my top choices. I want somebody even more conservative and devoted to the Constitution.

That person is Congressman Paul Broun, of the 10th district. I’ll go ahead and post his scores for the afformention vote indexes:

FW: 98%

CFG: : 95%

JBS: 92%

Those scores amount to Broun being one of the best Congressmen in the country. In my book, top 5. If Jim DeMint and Ron Paul had a kid, you would get Paul Broun, who combines their conservatism and Constitutionalism respectively into a perfect blend. With both of those men leaving Congress, people need to step up to fill their shoes.

The two men I mentioned, DeMint and Paul, represent the two main wings of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is the force that can replace Saxby Chambliss and RINO’s across the country. So how is Broun like those two? He shares DeMint’s strong social conservatism, he shares Paul’s appreciation for civil liberties. He shares both of their fiscal conservatism. On foreign policy, he is a blend, not a strong interventionist but not a pacifist either. He shares both of their views on issues like national sovereignty and monetar policy. Sound familiar? Broun is very similar to Mike Lee and Rand Paul, whom both shared the support from both wings of the Tea Party and both had resounding victories. That is what it is going to take: both wings of the Tea Party, and the grassroots that come with it. Broun has the bona fides to be able to harness it. The Senate Tea Party caucus is always in need of reinforcements, more now than ever.

The establishment apparantly hasn’t learned their lesson yet. They think the Tea Party is dead, and they will kill of what is still alive.

See: Purging of Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert.

See: GOP rule changes at the 2012 convention. (I recommend Mark Levin’s rant on this)

I am just a longtime Georgia conservative/libertarian Constitutionalist who wants a new Senator. A Senator who instead of talking bad about the Tea Party in private, is actually part of the Tea Party revolution.

We have some hope, let me quote a recent Politico article:

One Georgia-based GOP consultant told POLITICO he expects the fiercely conservative Broun to launch a Senate campaign as soon as January. A spokeswoman for Broun said he hasn’t decided.

“I feel very confident that Paul Broun’s running for U.S. Senate,” said Republican strategist Joel McElhannon, who is already feeling out recruits to run in Broun’s Athens-based 10th District. “You have senior staff quietly calling around for jobs, that’s why I think it’s legitimate.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/chambliss-graham-under-fire-84495.html#ixzz2EaHBknmB

In conclusion, I would like to thank Erick Erickson for bringing national attention to this issue. I would also like to leave you all with some important links:

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