Was Air Force One Used For TOURIST RIDE OVER NYC For VIP'S??

I was listening to a recap of this weeks news and the whole 9/11 re-enactment with Air Force One came up again, this time framed with the thought; “Of Course The White New About It. That’s Who Ordered It.”

It’s not like some teenaged kid sneaked out late at night in mom’s station wagon. It’s friggen AIR FORCE ONE!, THE PRESIDENTS PLANE!

Think about it, the guy has only two of them so it’s more than a little unlikely that nobody but the white house office of military affairs knew about this.

I know that that the president looks at us as bitter, god-loving, gun-totin, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, but please, don’t add credence to the stereotype by being distracted by the shiny thing in his other hand. We are definitely being manipulated and lied to.

So that got me to thinking: The whole photo op thing so doesn’t pass the smell-o-meter either.


Because so many things are spewing out of congress and the white house as well as the media/white house blitz about the virus ‘formerly known as SWINE FLU’ makes me wonder what is really going on?

Then it hit me.

When I was a kid growing up across the bay from San Francisco, my mom would very occasionally take my brother and I to Fishermans Wharf where we would be tourists for a day. One of the attractions was HELICOPTER RIDES TO SEE THE CITY FROM ABOVE. I Always Wanted To Go On One Of Those Rides…

If I were a narcisstic, god-like, halo-wearing president like the president, why wouldn’t I send some of my new best friends, the heads of rogue states who came calling on a first-class ride over NYC. I couldn’t use Marine One because, well that takes too long to get from D.C. to NYC. Heck, for all I know it was the suadi prince whose behind, errr…I mean ring got kissed a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe it was one of China’s loan sharks who came to remind our great father of the increasing vig owed….Whatever or whoever it was, it wasn’t just an oops, I forgot to mention I was borrowing the presidents plane to fly over NYC while being chased by two F-15’s. Just because the president wasn’t in the plane does not mean it was empty. 

Why hasn’t this question been investigated? All we hear is that King Obama was visiting the secretaries at the FBI, (Don’t tell Michelle…).

Just to quell the naysayers: I am not nor have ever been a whack-job conspiracy person. I am simply having a hard time believing that the White House wasn’t aware that the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA’s BOEING 747 wasn’t at Andrews AFB…. And that so far, this president has appointed tax cheats, shake-down artists and women who wear scary pant suits to key cabinet positions. These are not the actions of someone who would NEVER consider using AIR FORCE ONE as a tour bus. I mean really, in the last 100 DAYS, more has been done to diminish the stature of the presidency since watergate. Why wouldn’t he let his friends go for a ride in his private jet…..