The headline is not hyperbole.

We Republicans have failed to communicate our values and beliefs well enough to be elected to a majority.

Without serious change in areas of our image and how we communicate to ALL Americans, we are not going to effect any real change that includes control of the three branches of govenment.

In fact, unless we change quickly, our party will likely become legislated into irrelevancy, (Reconciliation).

Think about it for a few minutes.


Our opposition controls all branches of government as well as the majority of the media outlets. Worse yet, the ones they do not control are under attack to eliminate their effectiveness, (‘Fairness’ Doctrine).

One of the main reasons Obama won and is so popular is because of an unbelievably effective political machine that managed to wring as much usefulness out of the internet as possible and through grass roots organizing, inspire a formerly non-voting group of Americans to put their i-phones down and pull the lever.

Our party instead is primarily controlled by White Middle-Aged Males. At least that’s how we look to the average joe and joeleen. Now that’s not to say that the current crop of slimy democrats in power aren’t also, but unlike the dems, we do not have the luxury of hypocrisy.

Unless and until there is new blood in the RNC, as well as at the statewide and local levels, we are going to continue to be accurately portrayed as the party of the rich, white and powerful, (Nevermind that our chairman is African-American), the public has a perception that we suck at changing and look after those who run companies instead of those who work at companies.

For a brief moment on April 15, Conservatives behaved like they were supposed to; We stood together in defiance of a government bent on changing itself into a socialist-dictatorship where all dissenting thought is deemed ‘extremist activism coming from potential domestic terrorists’.

On April 15, we stopped behaving like Republicans and started behaving like Conservatives. The grass-roots organizing that led to the tea parties across America is exactly what is needed to win back America for Americans rather than Republicans winning back America for their friends who helped them get elected.

Sad as it may be, Obama used the same type of grass-roots organizing along with a willing mainstream media to grab the white house and in doing so, managed to drag along a bunch of amoral, America-hating, crooked democrats. At the same time, he was able to define us as the bad guys and managed to make doing so look fun.

The Tea Parties Did The Same Thing!

Unless we continue to build a new conservative movement that replaces those who are now in place and start behaving like average joes who are fun to be around, we are white toast.

Learn to fight and make it fun to attack our opponents. Bury the serious agenda within levity and we might have a chance to reach those who think we are a bunch of boring, overweight white guys.

By the way, Palin did that at the beginning and all stops were pulled out to derail her before the real momentum kicked in. The dems are still so afraid of her that their is a definite concerted effort to marginalize her and prevent any possibility of her return to the national arena. That’s because she appeals to the average joe. It’s that simple. The Tea Parties appealed to the average joe too.  So if you’re an average joe do something that matters and start fighting for your country while you are still free to do so…

I’m an average joe and I approved of this message…