MAYHEM IN NYC-Courtesy Of Barney Obama & Friends!

I just finished watching a video of panicked New Yorkers running through the streets to get away from a low flying jumbo jet being chased by fighter jets.

Turns out it was the work of our administration who decided that it would make a good photo-op to have the NYC in the background of air force one with its fighter escort.

Apparently, nobody at the white house, thethough about the consequences of mimicking the most horrible attack on America.  

The Obama administration seems to be displaying a habit that is usually found in teenaged boys: POOR IMPLUSE CONTROL!

Being male, I struggle with this issue periodically, much to the frustration of my wife, (Look at my shiny new gun honey!!!), in my case I am not the ruler of the most powerful nation on earth so the consequences rarely cause a panic in the streets of America’s largest city. Below is a link to an article written by Mike Emanuel (Rham Emanuels evil twin brother) of Foxnews.com


 This link will take you to the article where you can also find the link to the video of terrified New Yorkers. I strongly recommend watching the video, it is a powerful reminder of how unprotected America is with a weak president at its helm. I would love to see this video spread throughout the internet because it is such a strong and simple reminder of 9/11.  After watching the video, I was instantly brought back to those terrible days after 9/11 and it reminded me how vigilant we need to be of the threat that militant Islamic religion is to Americans and any other people who would oppose its absolute rule. I guess I should that Barney Obama for that but I won’t. For such a smart guy, he can sure do some seriously idiot things. Honestly, I would much prefer President Bush’s mangling on the english language to the retarded decision to do a flyover of NYC with a JUMBO JET BEING CHASED BY FIGHTER JETS!! My God, just writing those words make me wonder what kind of dope they are putting into their bongs at the white house…

In Mike Emanuel’s article it states: “White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera said he approved the mission last week and that federal authorities took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey. In a brief statement after the flight, the New York Police Department acknowledged it was aware the flight was happening, but claimed the Federal Aviation Administration told them not to talk about it. ”

POOR IMPULSE CONTROL, plain and simple.

How many of us can look back at a time, hopefully long ago, that after we did something really stupid, we asked ourselves, “What the heck was I thinking?”

I really do not want a president and an administration who struggles with this issue. I am certain that there are medications that can help with this issue….besides marijuana….