It’s a Washington nail biter

Although there has been a dearth of local race reporting at RedState, we do need local races covered. There are 11 gubernatorial races across the nation currently. Three of them are toss-ups and of those, two are for open seats while only Washington’s is against an incumbent. The race between Republican Dino Rossi and incumbent Democrat Christine Gregoire is closing out its final weeks. And…it’s neck and neck.

Each attracts 48% of the vote.

Some basic facts on this race.

Fact: Rossi lost the last Gubernatorial Race in 2004 by 129 votes – after two recounts. Remember ACORN was busted in Seattle in 2004 and looked at again in 2006 – wonder where those extra votes came from.

Fact: Gregoire recklessly gambled with Washington’s future. Washington state now faces a 3.2 billion dollar deficit. Gregoire has no solutions.

Fact: Dino has stood strong on reducing government waste and downsizing the size of government. A reformer perhaps similar to Sarah Palin who wants to fix the Washington regulatory environment.

Fact: Gregoire is all about big government spending, global warming caused by humankind, and corrupt politics. Sounds like more Chicago politics to me.

Fact: Gregoire wants to impose a statewide income tax (we already have a sales tax). A video, but not a great one.

Fact: Rossi can assist in turning Washington red – perhaps for McCain and for future leaders of the conservative movement.


I stand with Dino for his stand on helping small businesses to thrive in the Northwest. He has a principled social conservative and fiscal conservative stand that we need our governors to have. We need to get rid of Gregoire and we NEED your help!