Pelosi Bill Would Create Super-Powered Czar

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s health care bill would create a health czar with the equivalent of super-powers–supported by a super-size bureaucracy.

Under the 1,990-page $1.1-trillion+plus legislation, a presidential appointee will both control the new government-run insurance plan AND decide how private insurance companies must operate. Likewise, employer-run health plans would answer to this super-czar.

In other words, this health czar will control both the government plan and all of its competition. So much for claims about a level playing field!

Her bill says this “Health Choices Commissioner” will also “negotiate” rates with America’s 788,000 active doctors and 5,708 hospitals. That will take a lot of staff. We need more jobs, but not by creating more bureaucrats!

The new czar would also oversee the millions of Americans who would qualify for insurance subsidies; would assess fines; and would have power to collect whatever data the office deems necessary, which could involve reviewing your medical records. And more.

Read the details from Ernest Istook here at The Heritage Foundation’s blog.