More on the Khalidi tape

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Turns out a children’s dance troupe (Sanabel AlQuds Dabka troupe) performed at the event; this dance troupe does a very interesting simulation:

*a mock beheading of children draped in US, UK, and Israeli flags! *

In the simulation, the children swing fake swords and the flags fall to the floor and the dancers stomp on them.

Debbie Schlussel does not know if the troupe did the simulation during the event but she infiltrated the group at a later date and saw the act at subsequent performances. And even if the cuties didn’t do that particular portion of their act at the event, this is an islamic supported dance troupe and the fact that they DID peform the simulation at subsequent performances would be front page news! At least in the pre-BHO days.

Can you believe a newspaper covering up for this!!!