This is all reminiscent of the 90's

Where is the Republican Party?  Has the cat got its tongue?  “B. Hussein Obama is a great man, we pray that he does well”,  “We love the RATS, we won’t hold their feet to the fire for all of their corruption”, and it goes on and on.  While America burns, instead of being Conservative, Republicans have become republicRATS.  The RAT that is being inaugurated Tuesday is an old time Leftist with old time leftist ideas.  Remember when Slick Willy illegally obtained the FBI files of Republicans all through the 90’s? 

These times are just like that.   Our Constitution is doomed.   Islam’s buddy won’t even prove his citizenship to prove eligibility to be POTUS.   And the so called “Right” or what was once known as the Right sucks the Richard of the left.   It is sickening to me and to a whole lot of others.  I think the Republicans of today are a bunch of Panty wastes who prabably where dresses at night or something.   And they are all sucking the “green” Richard too, while America suffers from Freezer burn and the republicRATS embrace the  green religion.   Ask yourselves this.   When America is paying $5 a gallon for gas or more is B.H.O. going to suffer just like Bush did when we were paying $4 per gallon? 

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. 

Rush is always right except when he claims that the old media is dead.  They are alive and as evil as ever.