How to Stop Trump

Trump’s appeal is based largely on 3 things it seems:

1. People say he ‘tells it like it is’

2. People think he will protect the little guy.

3. People think he is a successful businessman who will shake up Washington


Rubio and some SuperPACs are starting to expose the lie that he always looks out for the little guy. Most of his career he’s done just the opposite and preyed on the little guy.

But nobody has really hit him hard as a liar, which I think is the charge with the most evidence. He doesn’t JUST change his position constantly. That can somewhat be defended, especially to the casual Trump voter. “I used to be pro-choice but I’ve changed. Ronald Reagan changed too.” What cannot be defended, and what the casual voter is not really aware of, is how often he lies about what has said or done. He is a serial liar, as bad as or worse than Hillary.



BUSTED: Ted Cruz EXPOSES Donald Trump’s Universal Health Care lie in new post-debate video


Cruz and Rubio need to call him a liar to his face and on the campaign trail. And our pathetic establishment needs to run millions of dollars of ads in Ohio and Florida, in the next two weeks, painting him as a liar.