Six Powerful Arguments Republicans Never Make, In Sound Byte Form

Why are Republicans so bad at messaging? The Democrats know their talking points and repeat them over and over. The result is that people start to believe them, and democrat talking points end up framing the national dialogue.

Here are six simple and powerful arguments Republicans can use as 10 second sound bytes, many of which I have NEVER HEARD:

1. The Stimulus package could not have saved up from a depression as the economy came out of recession in June 2009 and the unemployment rate peaked at 10.6% in Jan 2010. Very little of the stimulus had been spent by that point, so we would have come out of the recession anyway at the same time.

Stimulus Spending Over Time

2. The main cause of rising health care costs is that we have a third-party-payer system, and the biggest third-party-payer is Medicare.

Think about how you spend your money differently when someone else pays the bill. For instance, do you order more expensive food when your employer is paying for it? When someone else pays the majority of the health-care costs, most people over-use the system and don’t make an effort to shop around for cheaper MRIs, X-rays, doctors, etc. Therefore the free market system doesn’t work properly to provide valuable services at reasonable costs.

3. The alternative to privatizing Medicare is government rationing which is EXTREME. Maintaining the status quo (unlimited health care for every senior) is not sustainable, no matter how much we raise taxes on the rich.

4. Changing Medicare to a ‘premium support’ system is not radical, in fact it’s the same thing the democrats do in Obamacare.

Why no Republican has ever pointed this out, along with the double-standard that Obamacare was never called a ‘voucher’ system, is totally beyond me.

5. The Bush tax cuts increased the share of taxes paid by the ‘rich’ by making the tax code more progressive. Repealing them would increase the tax burden on the middle-class more than it would increase the tax burden on the wealthy.

Even factcheck does not seem to understand this, as demonstrated in the link for #6.

6. The top 1% pay 38% of all income taxes even though they only make 18% of all income.

Taxes and Income of top 1%