Dear Fiorina and other Candidates: How to Answer Questions about Entitlement Spending

I just finished watching a rather pathetic interview of Carly Fiorina on Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace kept asking how she would cut spending and reform entitlements and she kept dodging the question and wouldn’t give specifics. Now I understand Boxer would use it against her if she said she was going to cut Medicare, and the same is true of all the other candidates. So how should all our candidates answer this question?

It’s really very simple: The big driver of entitlement spending is Medicare and we are going to make that cheaper by reforming the whole health care system. This gives the candidate a chance to talk about positive things the republicans will do with health care and gives them a chance to slam obamacare.

The points to make are:

1. Health care is expensive because it’s a third party payer system.

2. We should move away from employer healthcare by having tax-deductible insurance for individuals.

3. Let’s let people buy insurance across state lines.

4. Let individuals and small buisnesses join together to buy group policies as a way to create risk pools and have negotiating leverage.