March on Washington #2

I am calling for another March on Washington on March 26, before the Easter recess, in order to kill Obamacare once and for all.

Both the House and Senate plan to be in recess starting March 29:

My best guess is that the first March on Washington drew a few hundred thousand people to DC, but was a failure due to the lack of media coverage. Media coverage is important because it affects the political dialogue, puts pressure on congress, and gets the attention of Americans who are not following the legislation too closely. It forces them to ask ‘Why are so many people so angry about this bill?’

I get the sense that the people in Congress are becoming complacent and are convincing themselves that the public REALLY supports the policy of Obamacare, they have just been turned off by the process and by scare tactics.

Getting 500,000+ people to rally on the mall will send the signal to congress that we are paying attention, we are determined, and we are not going to let this happen. And it will encourage others to voice their opinion and stand up to these people. Having a rally right before the Easter recess should jump-start another round of raging townhalls.

I think a couple hundred thousand people would draw media attention this time, especially since health-care will be the main news story around that time. To really drive home our point and get the media attention we are going to need to do something more dramatic, such as creating a human wall on the steps of the Capitol to prevent congress from going into session that day. If the police have to drag a few people off to jail, so much the better. More drama for the nightly news. If they are going to jam this thing down our throats let us give the American people the visual of the federal government using the power of the state to stomp out opposition from masses of patriotic Americans.

I doubt Congress can finish a reconciliation process by Easter, and we need to rely on the Senate to hold this thing up until at least Easter (and preferably November). But if for some reason Obamacare passes by the time of the rally, then let the rally be the launching point for the repeal of this monstrosity.

I believe this is what we need to do, but we need some conservative leaders to set the date and send the word out. 3 weeks should be enough time. Tea party leaders, Glenn Beck, Sen. DeMint, and Rep. Bachmann, are you listening?

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