Hugh Hewitt interview with Sarah Palin

Hugh Hewitt interviewed Sarah Palin yesterday. I hadn’t heard about it until an hour ago, and I hadn’t seen anything about it on Redstate so I thought I would post a link to the recording which is about 10 minutes long.


I thought it was a good interview that was a little more interesting than the policy pop quizzes she has gotten so far. She comes through as a very real, down to Earth person.

I do think something has changed in how the McCain campaign is handling her. She was much better in this interview, and in the one last night with Katie Couric. Her sentences are much clearer, and I presume she is not trying to recite lines her handlers made her memorize.

My comment on Couric’s last interview is this: I can’t remember ever seeing a reporter pound on a politician to answer ever single question like Couric has done. Usually the interviewee will totally dodge and only occassionally will the interviewer press maybe one more time for an answer to the question.

When Charlie Gibson was asking her about global warming I think he re-asked the question FIVE times! Good grief.