Friday Update on Japanese Nuclear Plants



Fukushima Daiichi

Finally,  Reactor in Units 1,2 and 3 are stable as workers continue to inject seawater. All 3 ontainments are intact with elevated pressures within design limits. Workers restarted spraying of water into the Unit 3 Spent fuel Storage pool. ose rates have been dropping since Wednesday. Site boundary dose rates are about 2 millirem/hr. Workers are connecting power to Units 1 and 2, after which they will restart cooling systems. Workers plan to begin installation of a power line to Units 3 and 4 in about 2 days. Working diesels continue to supply Units 5 and 6.

It appears that the Japanese workers are finally starting to get things under control.

It’s interesting that with all of this progress, the focus of the press is anticipation of negligible levels of radiation reaching the US.