Thursday Update on Japanese Nuclear Plants


Fukusmima Daiichi

Summary: Today was the first day since the accident began that NEI reported no bad news. Units 1,2 and 3 remain stable. Workers completed laying a cable to reconnect Unit 2 to offsite power and are expected to restore limited power shortly. Diesel generators were restored to provide power to Units 5 and 6. TEPCO officials believe that Unit 2’s suppression pool may not be damaged as earlier believed. TEPCO stated that even though a wall had collapsed in the Unit 4 fuel storage struucture, tha the pool liner was intact and aerial photographs showed that water remained in the spent fuel storage pool. Additionally, site boundary dose rates had dropped to 2 – 3 millirem/hr.

Fukushima Daini

All four reactors have reached cold shutdown conditions, with shutdown cooling being provided by the Residual heat Removal Systems.