Tuesday Update on Japanese Nucelar plants


As of 9 pm EST

It appears that the situation at Fufushima Daiichi Units 1 and 3 has started to stabilize. Workers have been able to maintain cooling with borated seawater at Units 1 and 3. TEPCO confirmed today that Unit 2 has a leak from its suppression pool but wter levels in the rector core have been slowly increasing. It appears that radiation levels at the site are also dropping, although radiation reading provided to date are somewhat incomplete. It’s not clear where different reading are being taken. earlier today reading up to 40000 millirem/ hr were reported near Units 2 and 3 and site boundary doese as high as 1190 millirem/hr were reported. The latest doese rate data showed the site boundary dose rate dropping to 60 millirem/hr. 

Fuel damage estimates were provided for Units 1 and 2. 70% of the fuel rods in Unit 1 and 33% of the fuel rods in Unit 2 are estimated to be damaged. It wasn’t reported how this estimate was prepared

Apparently there have been 2 fires in unit 4, which had been shutdown and defueled for maintenance at the time of the earthquake.  The origin of the fire arrears to have been an oil leak in a cooling water pump, and did not involve the spent fuel pool as some media outlets had been reporting. There is no clear report on the cause of the second fire although NEI reported that the fire reignited, implying the same cause as the initial fire. However, it is reported that the second fire was extinguished after burning for approx 2 hours. 

Workers are preparing to remove roof panels on Units 5 and 6 to prevent any potential hydrogen accumulation in thos units.

In good news it was reported that all  four Units at the Fukushima daini plant are shutdown and being cooled by the rector coolant systems.