Sunday Update on Japanese Nuclear Plants

Attached is a link to the NEI Update:


At Fukushimma Daiichi (Site where core damage exists): TEPCO continues to cool the cores at Units 1 and 3 with seawater. Core damage is suspected in both Units. Containments at both Units are being vented. The hydrogen explosion in the Unit 1 reactor Building resulted from hydrogen vented from the Unit 1 containment. Maximum reported dose rate around the site is 128 millirem/hr.  For contrast an airline crew get approx 100 millirem exposure for each 100000 miles flown and occupational exposure limits for US Nuclear plant workers are 5000 millirem/year. The dose rate are definitely elevated but not life threatening. They are also reporting that one worker has recieved a dose of 10600 millirem ( twice US yearly limit).

There is also a report for  Fukushimma Daini. At this station 3 Units (Units 1,2 and 4) are in a declared state of emergency. All three Units have emergency power, but all have limited use of emergency cooling water pumps due to tsunami damage. There has been no reported release of radiation at this site.