Government Motors(Chrysler Division) Rolls Out Cars That No One will Buy

Kudo’s to national Review, Planet Gore Blog for providing the Link.

Chrysler is rolling  out it’s 2009 GEM Peapod (I’m not kidding, it’s the real name)


Vehicle highlights: It has a top spped of 25 mph and can go a whopping 30 miles on a single charge and only takes 6 – 8 hours to charge. They have to be kidding. Why would anyone in their right miind buy a car that can only be driven 30 miles every 6 – hours. It would make more sense to just buy a bicycle. I sure hope the UAW wasn’t counting on Chrysler profits to fund their pension plan. With vehicle designs like this, they should be able to drive their vehicle sales to zero by the end of 2010.