Not a politician. Just a mother and fellow American.

Fellow Americans,

I am a single mother and I am trying to finish college on top of that. I suppose you could say thus far I have been a life long Democrat. The past few years I have considered myself to be more of an Independent. Although I am definitely in what would be considered the lower income bracket (to be perfect honest more likely below poverty level) my opinions on politics have evolved over time. I still have many beliefs which would be considered leaning towards the Democratic Party and then I have many which would considered leaning towards the Republican Party.
I am 30 years old, so therefore I can relate to both younger and older voters beliefs and concerns. I believe most lower income households do not even pay much attention to what any Republic politicians have to say. They primarily lean more towards the Democrats in terms of where there votes will go. I completely understand why this may happen. I know that when I was applying for financial aid for school and there was a shortage in funds the school itself would say it’s because of the republicans cutting everything. I myself until just recently never received assistance for anything for myself or my daughter. This means no welfare, food stamps, daycare assistance, or fuel assistance. I have always been a single mother who has worked, paid $110.00 a week for daycare, and also went to school while doing this. I currently collect disability and this is the first time I have received any assistance. I am also looking forward to returning to work and finishing school. The disability I collect is money I had paid out over the years into social security.
People vote Democratic because they feel that they are the only ones who will fund these programs they need. Some of that may be true to a certain extent, but you also need to be realistic. The money has to come from somewhere, and we are bankrupting our country. I without a doubt believe people need health insurance (especially children and the elderly), Funding for college, and heating assistance to the very lower income( especially with children or the elderly), but people need to pick themselves up and take some responsibility for themselves and their kids. It made me so upset when I was out there working and paying for daycare on my own, and I would see girls with daycare vouchers either getting it for free or $10.00 a week, but they had on beautiful clothes, their hair done, their nails done, nice cars, and boyfriends that they lived with, but said they lived alone when applying for assistance.This is not helping someone in need. This is just giving money to someone who wants to live beyond their means. It is ridiculous and it is the majority, not minority of people on assistance.
I am a single mother and it is nobody else’s fault but my own that I had my daughter before I finished school, before I was married, or because I was financially prepared to care for her on my own. I want my daughter to have a good life, and of course I want her to have health care and all of the other necessities. Because if we keep leading this country in the same direction nobody will have any of those things. I know their are many people who will want to blame everything on the Republicans. I was one of those people. I know the war has put this country in debt. I don’t really know who put us in debt in the past. I don’t really care what past administrations caused what problems. I do not believe all republicans ( John McCain ) are just more of the same of this administration, nor do I believe all democrats are the same.
I am talking about what needs to be done here and now, because our country is in a downward spiral That includes financially, morally, and how we are viewed by others nations. I do not believe for a second that John McCain is another four years of George W. Bush. That’s just plain ridiculous. If there is any Republican that a Democrat or Independent should feel comfortable voting for it’s John McCain. I said when this entire election process started that I was going to be completely open minded and not decide who I was going to vote for by party affiliation. It came down to Hillary Clinton and John McCain. I think we all know what happened with Mrs. Clinton, but I have to be perfectly honest I am really starting to come to the realization that I may have gone with Mr. McCain even if Hillary was still in the race.
Times are tough. There is so much turmoil in the world right now and I know he is the strongest leader to deal with that. What good is anything else without security for our nation. You’re not gonna be worried about your daycare voucher and new pair of sneakers if we end up having another attack on the U.S.. Believe me I am not one of those that are always worried about another attack or someone to use fear as a political method of scaring people into voting a certain way, but I do believe we need to be diligent and strong in our stance against terror. That’s not a scare tactic that is a reality of the world we live in today.
I love my country. Sometimes you need to look beyond yourself. I really trust John McCain. I believe what he says, because I know he says what he means whether you like it or not. Give me a president like that any day, because someone can tell me just what I want to hear all day long, but if they are never gonna follow through with anything or just don’t know how to get it done, then it’s pointless. Here’s a little something to think about: If I apply at a University I would have an interview. I could sit there and tell them everything they want to hear and be so charismatic, but they’re still gonna look at my grades and school record(and I don’t really think they care if I was voted most popular), before they accept me. I think if more people just looked at these gentleman’s records there would be no question who is to ready to be the next President of the United States of America and that is Senator John McCain.

                                          Egenerous14, in Massachusetts                                    A Proud Mom for John McCain for President