Americans want positivity in the White House!

Dear Senator McCain,

Recently I considered supporting your candidacy for president.

I even once prayed for your success in this endeavor.

However, after viewing last night’s acceptance speech, I am dismayed at the negativity expressed, both by you, Sen. McCain, and by the audience.

What we need in the White House is tolerance, acceptance, positivity and gratitude, not put-downs. When someone gets involved in their community trying to help the underpriviledged, this deserves support, not derision. Boos and hisses serve to divide us and put sneers on our faces. Is this what you want for the American people? We deserve and can rise to better than this!

True Americans keep goodwill in their hearts and offer this to the world.

Please remember who you truly are–of course you’re not perfect, and noone is or can be–and at the same time we MUST refrain from put-downs and acknowledge the goodwill and good efforts of our brothers and sisters.

You speak of wanting to create a non-partisan environment in Washington–a worthy goal: Please begin NOW during the campaign and encourage the best from your supporters as well as from yourself and your running-mate.

Americans in this 3rd millenium have an opportunity to create the world as we want it: with peace, respect, health and prosperity for all. To create this in the world, we must first of all create it in ourselves.

In all sincerity,

Allison Jane EdwardsColorado Springs