Of Obama, UAW, and Toyota

The influence that the United Auto Workers hold over the Obama administration is no secret, but the brazenness of the president’s decision-making on their behalf is startling. Despite having “no interest” in running GM, the Obama administration…

1. essentially began running GM

2. saved it from real bankruptcy

3. forced out its CEO, Rick Wagoner

4. screwed shareholders in favor of the United Auto Workers Union

5. started Cash-for-Clunkers (which was itself a clunker)

Unfortunately for our friends from Chicago, 1-5 above were not enough to stop the multi-decade bleeding in Detroit. We are now supposed to believe, then, that the Obama administrations only interest in sticking it to Toyota is to protect US consumers from an alleged defect that has yet to be fully proven? Even after the UAW donated millions to The One’s campaign? Even though the government has a major stake in GM? Even when the president’s Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, brags about how they went to Toyota’s headquarters in Japan to “wake them up?” Even after Lahood smears Toyota as “safety deaf” and threatens that they’re “not done with Toyota?”

Are we really supposed to believe this is all a coincidence?