Bend Over America, Here it Comes

Ok. Let’s face it. Special interests are going to RULE in Congress with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Two weeks ago the automakers, facing public opposition to a $25 billion bail out went home on their private jets with their tails between their legs to come up with a plan to save America’s unionized auto production companies. Congress, not willing to take the heat, needed to look tough and sent them packing.

Today they came back and those Democrats that have been running Congress for the past few years are now being told they need $38 billion and Nancy Pelosi is clearly signaling that a bigger bailout of America’s crappy car companies is going to be in the works.

Whatever the DC lobbyists are being paid is well worth it for the company honchos who found a way to turn a get lost message into a $13 billion windfall on top of the original bailout. As a taxpayer, all I can hope for is that Pelosi and company don’t send them back to the drawing board because every time they do it costs us money.

If there is a bailout, every American should get a coupon for a free Chevy that they can redeem at some point during the life of the “loan”. The Democrats will get big campaign contributions for these bailouts but what do we get? At least if we got a Chevy we might be able to drive it for two years which is the estimated lifespan of a contemporary GM vehicle.

Hey, America has a right to have crappy cars. I don’t know why they don’t last as long as Toyotas or Hondas or even Hyundai’s, but they don’t. It’s not about union workers, it’s about quality. Bend over America, here it comes.