Obamas Cabinet Picks Leaked


WASHINGTON, DC — President to be Obama’s short list for his cabinet reveals a new direction for America, true diversity, experienced leaders, and creative thinking. Although not yet public, the preliminary appointments according to key sources are shaping up as follows:

Economic Team:Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors – Rep. Barney FrankSecretary of the Treasury – Rep. William JeffersonSecretary of Commerce – Rep. Charlie Rangel

Foreign Policy Team:Secretary of State – Rev. Al SharptonUnited Nations Ambassador – Rev. Jesse JacksonNational Security Advisor – Mr. Harry Belafonte

Domestic Issues Team:Secretary of Energy – Mayor Ray NaginAdministrator, Environmental Protection Agency – Mr. Al GoreSecretary of the Interior – Ms. Cyndi SheehanSecretary, Department of Health and Human Services – Ms. Oprah WinfreySecretary of Transportation – Mr. Spike LeeSecretary of Education – Mr. William Ayers, Phd.Secretary of Labor – Hon. Cynthia McKinneyAttorney General – Hon. Elliot SpitzerSurgeon General – Mr. Barry Bonds

Sources also report that Rev. Jeremiah Wright will be named White House Communications Director . It is also anticipated that Chris Matthews from MSNBC will be appointed Deputy White House Press Secretary once a cure has been found for the abnormality in his leg that occurs when he speaks of the President-elect. There are also reports that Keith Olbermann, also of MSNBC, is in line to become Chair of the Federal Communications Commission. Pending the recount in the Minnesota Senate election, Mr. Al Franken has been mentioned to become Secretary of Agriculture.

According to the source, “this marks a real departure from the failed policies of the Bush administration and the change America voted for. President Obama is ready to get to work on the American people and their problems. Once out team is in place the whole world will take notice. We anticipate an economic recovery within our first six months as well as lasting peace. Climate change may take a little longer, perhaps eighteen months, and true economic equality for all will be an ongoing project that may take two full terms.”

NOTE: Different people have different takes on what Obama will do because we really do not know this man. He’s tried to become everything to everybody. It is not unrealistic that campaign supporters will be rewarded with jobs, perhaps not the jobs listed above. We have used the anonymous source in making this report, a typical tactic of the mainstream media to decry conservatives and float trial balloons. So why not here. Give this the credibility it deserves. Life is too short.