Half Time Break

Forgive me for not blogging. The NFL season started and I have been occupied rooting for my teams and against our opponents. Not unlike politics, but absent the high stakes and ramifications if the game doesn’t turn out as one would like.

Perhaps the most difficult thing this year is that I am not excited about either Presidential candidate. My preferred candidates erupted in the primaries and the selection we now have is less than stellar. While I was included to support McCain in 2000, his behavior having lost to Bush was questionable and most notably siding with the Democrats on pivotal questions regarding procedures that stood in the way of judicial confirmations.

McCain is no Reagan, but he definitely is to the right of Obama and the more we learn about the silver tongued Senator from Illinois who won his race by default the more troubled I become. They say professional politicians can talk their way out of anything and perhaps Obama can talk his way out of his leftist leanings and give America the chickens we need to put in our pots, assuming we can be bought off that cheaply in these difficult and trying times.

Sarah Palin has energized me, not because she is pure or perfect, but because she is real. This upstart of a motivated mom who took on political corruption and cronyism and threw the rascals out remains under attack by those who cannot believe someone of this lineage could be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. In spirit and spunk, she’s a Republican Harry Truman, grounded in small town common sense and an understanding of right and wrong.

Most television pundits on both sides of the aisle, including O’Reilly, just don’t get it. Dick Morris does. This woman is here to stay, win or lose, and the threat she poses to the entrenched patronization of women by the effete left is extremely serious. Sarah Palin didn’t marry someone who carried her as his partner into her position like Senator Clinton has. Sara Palin took the Moose by the antlers and got there herself.

Sara is the hero of American women and her selection by John McCain will permanently transform American politics in a way most women in America have longed for. ABC’s Charlie Gibson, sitting aloof and asking questions looking down his snout at this lady Governor, may believe he scored a triumph when the Gov didn’t know what the Bush doctrine was. But the term “Bush doctrine” is not a term used by common Americans, it is a term used by Washington insiders and that is certainly not what Sarah Palin represents.

So the race continues and our Sarah keeps on trucking’ and everyday women from all walks of life are rooting for her, saying “You go girl!