Governor Palin, Obama’s Nightmare.

What is amazing is the real fear you see in the eyes of feminists reacting to the selection of Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate. Chants of “she’s not a real woman” or “she against women’s issues” or “she’s too extreme” are running through the minds of those nasty liberals looking to discredit her even before the country gets to know her.

I can just hear the political operatives yelling in the war room: “shoot her down now”! Apparently the Obama campaign is in high gear trying to do just that. As I have said in earlier columns/blogs, how far he has fallen now that he is truly challenged and this election will be a contest as opposed to a coronation.

Looking at Bob Bechel’s face as he is interviewed on Fox News Channel one can easily discern the threat Governor Palin poses to the Democrats. She is every woman, with the exception of the Upper East Side snoots in Manhattan. She hunts, she fishes, coaches basketball, does PTA, has a job, and champions for truth, justice and the American way. She’d be perfect to these people if she just were not a conservative.

But alas, the ideological discrimination that has so permeated Democratic politics and the mainstream media.

Even before the selection was announced, the goons on MSNBC’s morning show started attacking without even waiting to book guests to carry Obama’s water. The supposedly impartial hosts just started right in. But this is the genius of the selection.

She will be criticized by a man with no experience for having no experience. This will be said time and time again to distort the fact that she is a popular Governor who challenged the party bosses, special interests, and corrupt politicians in her State. She has successfully taken on the oil companies with actions, not the meaningless political rhetoric that has been recycled at liberal cocktail parties for decades. She is in charge of an interstate compact on energy, which, in case anyone is paying attention, is one of the main issues for this country’s economy and security.

This woman cares about people. Absent aspirations and ego, she is a woman’s woman and there is the cause for concern for Obama. John McCain is a hero’s hero. He’s one tough guy and real men identify with that.

Sarah Palin is one tough lady as evidenced by the fact that during a pregnancy, her water broke but she stayed in an energy conference waiting to speak. Only after she made her speech did she leave and take a plane home. And it was then that she went to the hospital to give birth to her son Trig. Every woman in America can identify with that level of multi-tasking and commitment.