McCain The Statesman

McCain Congrats Obama

Senator John McCain congratulated Barack Obama on the night of his nomination.In the 2000 presidential campaign McCain’s family experienced some of the bigotry that Obama has experienced in 2008. My devoted Republican readers recall the contentious South Carolina primary in circulated stories that McCain fathered a black child. Lets be real to those who have accused McCain of being bigotry , McCain is not a racist he is an Republican.There is a differnce between being a racist and a Republican.

Senators McCain, Biden, and Obama belong to a select club. The club is called the United States Senate. The talk about how many homes McCain owns, is totally irrelevant. The United States Senate is comprised of men and women who put aside party squabbles for moments of statesmanship.John McCain was a statesman in his heartfelt remarks to Barack Obama on the night of his nomination. All Americans felt proud of Barack Obama on the anniversary of the “I Have A Dream Speech”. McCain’s congratulatory words not only came from his heart but from the hearts of us all. John McCain was and is a statesman.