2008 Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers

Big Loser: John McCain and Moderate Republicans

Its time for the Party to return to it’s Conservative Roots.

Big Winner: Conservatisim.

While it will hurt our nation while we experience a hard left turn, in the end, Conseravatism will re-emerge as the dominate political position. The experiment with Moderatism should be over. Moderates have lost every time they have tried.

Big Winner: Obama and Moderate Democrats.

Even though Obama is a radical leftist, he ran as a centrist. Also, the majority of Democrats elected ran as Centrist. Liberals lose elections, so they must disguise who they are.

Big Loser: Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

They where the head of the Democrat power base, they now must play second fiddle to Obama.

Big Winner: Mitch McConnell (New Head of the Republican Party)

Who is now the voice of the Republican Party until a new leader is chosen in 2012. As the Minority Senate leader, he is the only republican in place who can slow down the onslaught of Liberalism we are about to face by virtual of the filibuster.

Big Losers: The Clintons

They are history, they can no longer hope to return to the white house. The most they can now hope for is a Senator Clinton.

Big Loser: The American Economy.

Looks like the Jimmy Carters years all over again.

Big Loser: Republican Congress for the years 2008-2010Big Winner: Republican Congress for the Years 2010-2014

If History is any judge, the Democrats will mess things up so bad that the Republicans will get a chance to redeem themselves in two years.

Small Loser: Palin

Just like other VPs of defeated Republicans Presidential hopefuls, she will take a hit. Right now she needs to return to Alaska and complete her term as Governor. In two years, she can re-evaluate her position. Should she seek the Presidency in the future, she has a small base of support she can draw from. Its not nearly enough to get her nominated, but it is a starting point.

Small Loser: Huckabee

Because of the Rise of Palin among Social conservatives, Huckabee may have to compete with Palin for this important republican group.

Small Winner: Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, and to a smaller extent, Fred Thompson, Jeb Bush, and Palin.

The race for 2012 has just begun. These are the top 5 candidates who have to be on the top of the list. There will be little room for any other candidates. If the primaries where to being held today, it Would be Huckabee against Romney. But 2 Years (thats right 2 years), is a life time. In two years, candidates who intend to run must start building support. If Palin does decide to make a run, then she and Huckabee must fight for the Social Conservative (Evangelical vote). The fiscal conservative Vote will likely go some where else. And of course, we may yet see the emergence of another candidate, but that is unlikely. History in the Republican party shows that 2nd place winners in the nomination process usually get their shot the second time around. Now, one could argue who was 2nd, but there is little argument that Romney and Huckabee where (2nd and close 3rd) regardless what order you put them in. Of course, there is always a chance that one or both of them may decide not to run in 2012.