Why I think McCain will win

The only poll that counts is the one taken on election day is usually the refrain of those behind in the polls. But I think in this election it may very well hold true. Everything that has been said and done over many months can fall by the wayside if fresh impressions enter a voters mind. It is said that a candidate should never allow the opponent to define him. The Joe the plumber incident appears to have been the catalyst for a last minute examination of Barack Obama that is defining him for the voters in a way that is not at all flattering and downright scary for anyone truly paying attention. It’s about the economy stupid is being transformed to…it’s about your paycheck. If you’re lucky enough to be getting one if he’s elected. Say what you will about the electorate. The majority of working voters will vote in their own self interest. Not only is Obama being defined, but it is being clearly defined to voters what will be in their best interests. And I believe there is another factor that will prove important. Obama does not paint an uplifting picture of America. He tears it down and the message is that it must be rebuilt. He talks of fairness and assigns guilt without hesitation. I think Americans think more of their country than to accept this portayal, more of themselves than to accept this guilt. We are not that far from Ronald Reagan’s shining city on a hill. I think that when people enter the voting booth and cast that secret ballot, enough of them will make up their mind once and for all that what Barack Obama is selling, they’re not buying.