Remembering Challenger And Other Heroes

By Just The Numbers


In Sunday School, this week, we talked about the Christian Question “Father, why?” In relation to the Holocaust.

I gave the answer I’ve come to through prayer and study – it changed the world for the better.

This morning on my way to work I heard a tribute to the Challenger astronauts and realized that the same answer applies.
People who didn’t pay attention, in 1986-7, may not remember but the investigation of NASA following the disaster revealed the causes as the sort of rot that every large organization, particularly government organizations, inevitability falls prey to.

Americans would do well to take that lesson to heart. We have a current large, rotten organization that has killed and continues to kill far more heroes than the Challenger disaster.

That organization is the Veteran’s Administration.

Today we remember the Challenger heroes. Every, on Veterans Day year we remember our military heroes. But yet, we fail to act to stop the murders.

Americans cannot continue to elect the politicians who’ve done nothing without taking personal responsibility for the murders happening every day.

Will the number murdered have to reach Holocaust proportions before Americans insist, at the ballot box, that this travesty, this stain on our nation’s honor be ended? I pray not.