Cognitive Dissonance and Union Workers

I was driving behind a pickup truck today and admiring the bumper stickers in his back window.  He had 2 Obama-Biden stickers, which is fairly unusual for this suburban area east of Tampa, Florida.

He also had two pro-labor union bumper stickers, which is something you almost never see here.  One said “Unions: the folks who brought you weekends.”

Oh, and he was driving a Toyota Tacoma.

Now, there is nothing wrong with driving a foreign car.  I’ve always felt that “Buy American” was a union scam to avoid having to compete on the open market.  2 of my 3 cars are Japanese.  They simply provide more quality for the money, which is probably why he bought his Tacoma.

But I wonder: has it ever occurred to him to consider WHY Toyota is able to produce a better truck at a lower price than the US makers?