Enough whining about the Media!

I mean really, enough is enough.  Every single inconvenient fact about anyone’s favorite GOP candidate is chalked up to the the evil MSM.  If I had a nickel for every time someone on this forum tried to shut down a line of argument b claiming it was an MSM plot, I would be rich by now.  Do you not realize what a bunch of crybabies and wimps you sound like when you make that argument?

First, most of the media are a bunch of equal opportunity A-holes.  They are sharks circling in the water, and when they smell blood they go for it, and they don’t care whether the blood comes from a Democrat or Republican.

Second, there are plenty of right-leaning media outlets to counterbalance the left-leaning ones.  Does anyone REALLY believe that Fox is “fair and balanced”?  Of course not.  Fox is ridiculously biased in our favor.  That’s why we like watching it.  And last I checked, Fox was crushing MSNBC in viewership.  And let’s not even get started on talk radio.

Third, who gets their political insight from the nightly news anymore?  I sure don’t.  I get most of my reporting and commentary from the internet, like I suspect most of you do too.  Well the internet belongs to nobody, Democrat or Republican.  Whatever you want to learn about, you can find on the internet.  Whatever you believe, you can publish on the internet.  It’s the wild west, total anarchy, and anarchy favors nobody … and everybody.

Fourth, successful Republican politicians learn to use the media to their advantage instead of complaining about it.  Like Ronald Reagan.  He was a master at using the media.  Ever hear Reagan whine about the media?  Here is a pretty extensive list of Reagan quotes.  None of them are about the media.  Complaining about the media in politics is like complaining that water is wet.  Stop complaining and start swimming.

Fifth, when our answer to every negative fact or bit of bad news is to blame biased MSM, we sound like a bunch of tin foil hat wearing paranoid kooks.  Sometimes, bad news is just bad news, not evidence of a conspiracy.  The funny thing is, all the lefty tin foil hats are equally convinced of media bias against them, since the news outlets are all corporate owned.  Their whining about “corporate news” sounds just as bad as ours.

Sixth, as long as we lean on that rhetorical crutch, we prevent ourselves from formulating actual cogent, persuasive arguments for our case.  Citing the MSM persuades nobody who is not already persuaded, and takes up brain cells, bandwidth, and copy space that could be used on persuasive analysis.

Finally, only losers complain about the referees.  Have you ever noticed that in nearly every single NFL game ever played, fans of the losing team complain that the officiating was bad?  Well, that’s what we sound like.  Winners find a way to win.  So stop snivelling, stop using Media Bias as your answer to every single issue on this forum, and get out there and make your case with facts and analysis.