Where are the POW bio pieces

One thing I don’t understand: why isn’t the McCain campaign blanketing the airwaves with a final feel-good ad reminding voters of McCain’s POW story?

Let’s face it: him turing down early release is by far the most compelling part of the man’s biography. No matter how much you disagree with or even despise him, the thought of that selfless act of character and courage brings goosebumps to any patriotic American, which in my experience is nearly all of us.

I understand why he couldn’t make it the centerpiece of his campaign, why he had to focus on his Senate career and his policy proposals. He couldn’t run solely on that act. Even in the GOP primary he got called out for trying to do that.

But it is no accident that McCain/Palin poll ratings peaked in the 2 weeks after the GOP Convention, when 50 million people saw his bio on film. And now, with only a few hours left, what does he have to lose?

IMHO any remaining “undecided” voters aren’t going to be sitting there with a clipboard, tallying policy prescriptions to determine who to vote for. For most of them, I believe it will be a gut call based on emotion when they get in the booth.

If there is one thought the campaign should want to stick in their minds, in that booth, it should be of McCain the hero. And so that is the last thing they should be reminded of as they watch TV tonight or drive to work in the morning.