The unofficial yard sign poll

For weeks I’ve been noticing something odd: there are literally hundreds of McCain signs and bumper stickers in area near Tampa FL, and hardly an Obama sign or sticker to be found. Recently I’ve been making a game of “count the signs” when I go out on errands. I usually count 10 to 20 McCain signs per trip; rarely do I get 1 or 2 Obama signs.

Of course I live in a strongly conservative suburb, so none of this is surprising. However, it did make me wonder: if the polls show McCain so far behind, shouldn’t there be some leakage of Obama support into McCain strongholds in a battleground state like Florida?

So today I had a business trip into deep Obama territory: downtown Tampa and St Pete. I figured I would see an equally lopsided display of support for Obama.

Imagine my surprise to see that this was not so. There were more Obama signs there than here, but I still had to look pretty hard for them. And I still spotted more McCain stickers and signs.

Does this mean anything? Probably not. It’s certainly grossly unscientific. But it just makes me wonder if the polls really are overstating the state of this race.

So I’m curious: does anyone else in a battleground state take note of this kind of thing? What is the sign-to-sign ratio in Ohio? PA?

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